Sunsets are the proof that no matter what happens, every day can end beautifully.” The mesmerizing shades of sunset make us believe that life is full of delightful and different colors.

India possessing great geographical diversity such as high snowy mountains deep seas, dry deserts, evergreen forests, snowy Himalayas, long coast and fertile plains, to observe sunset is India is a bliss! While there are incalculable dusk spots in the country, here some beautiful destinations for a great sunset view.


1. Sunset Point,  Kanyakumari

pic Best sunset destinationsituated at the outrageous tip of peninsular India, the gigantic sculptures of Swami Vivekananda and the Tamil artist Thiruvalluvar grace this spot and give it a cosmopolitan shade. The way that Bay of Bengal, Indian Ocean, and the Arabian ocean mix together at this spot gives a particular emanation to this point.

The sparkling sky meets the cloud-like water surface, making a supernaturally lovely scene and one of the most beautiful sunsets, which is one of a kind and uncommon.

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2. Radhanagar Beach, Havelock Island (Andaman)

pic Best sunset destinationKnown as the best seashore in Asia alongside the Vijaynagar seashore, this seashore is arranged at the western finish of the celebrated Havelock Island. The mix of clear blue waters, white sand and sparkling gold shades of the setting sun make an offbeat palette of vital hues makes it the best sunset destination.

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3. Taj Mahal, Agra

pic Best sunset destinationThe most adoring and visited site of India is a standout amongst other spots to appreciate dusk in India. The impression of various colors of sunset on the white marble of royal residence makes an illusion.

As the sun settles down in the background of this grand landmark, a capturing second is made for the onlooker. Everything about the sky to birds coming back to their home illustrates the pure marble structure and it makes Taj Mahal one of the best sunset views in the world.

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4. Fort Cochin, Kerala

pic Best sunset destinationKochi, and specifically the historic region of Fort Kochi, is a little fishing town that turned into the first European township in quite a while. The Chinese fishnets that stretch over the shoreline of Fort Cochin, add to the ideal justification of this evening spot in India and an amazing place to watch sunset.

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5.  Rann of Kutch, Gujarat

No big surprise this spot is viewed as truly outstanding to follow the path of the setting sun. The White Rann of Kutch is a salt marsh that stays overwhelmed during the rains. An unending field of white chips of sand the extent that the eye is fit for taking in, the whole scene is washed in a profound dark red tone at sunset.

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6. Allepey Beach, Kerala

pic Best sunset destinationIn the God own land, there are encounters in excess. One such experience is seeing the sunset at Allepey seashore. As the twilight draws near, the inky blue waters show a large number of shades. It likely could be that the water may change shading so frequently that you may think that its hard to stay up with it and a perfect place for watching sunset.

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7. Sunset Point Mount Abu, Rajasthan

pic Best sunset destinationAs the sun sets behind a charming stretch of one of the most enamoring bits of the scene in India, the sky paints a completely flawless perspective on an excellent end. The sun, saying farewell at Mount Abu, is one of the most dreamlike sights you must observe once in a lifetime and it makes it the best sunset destination.

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8 The Ghats, Varanasi

pic Best sunset destinationMost beautiful sunset both dawn and dusk are wonder to be figured with, besides different things in the temple town. You can sit for a considerable length of time at the ghats looking at the sun going down underneath the waters of the heavenly Ganges.

In case you are sufficiently fortunate and the sand at the opposite side of the ghats has sufficiently thickened, you can hitch a boat ride to the contrary side. Head towards Assi or Dashashwamedh ghat at night on the off chance that you appreciate the company of individuals while catching the glimpse of charming wonders.

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9. Nubra Valley, Jammu & Kahmir

pic Best sunset destinationThe sweet and welcoming aroma from the different fruit plantations settled in the valley drapes thickly noticeable all around, here at the northernmost piece of Kashmir.

The calming snow-topped pinnacles which are secured with awesome wild roses in summer and lavenders once the rains have fallen down leads to mesmerizing scenes in evenings and a lovely sunset view.

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10. Palolem Beach, Goa

Best sunset destinationDespite the fact that each sea shore in Goa presents you with a chance to see a delightful dusk, the picturesque foundation of Palolem Beach sticks out. The sparkling water surface converging in with the colored sky makes it perhaps the best spot for evenings in India.

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