Rajasthan Tour

Rajasthan Tour

The varied land of culture and colour, Rajasthan is recognised for the beauty of its own. Its forts and palaces, markets and lakes, food and music all have a taste of their own. The versatility in the land of the great Rajput kings is impeccable. Colourful clothes, big and heavy moustaches, lovely faces and the royalty in food. Rajasthan is all about richness and beauty. It is known for its vast and brave history, the treasures of which is sung till date. Rajasthan lives in heart of the country and has been and will be the ideal destination for men and women from across the globe to spend their holidays and hard earned money.

Capital: Jaipur, : Northern India

Minimum : 10°C to 27°C , Maximum : 24°C to 45°C

Rajasthan Travel Info

If Rajasthan is a canvas of colourful and royal paintings, camels and sand dunes, music and art it should be celebrated in the forms of some fairs and festivals. Such was the thought of the people planning different kinds of Rajasthani fairs and festivals which would include, Camel festival which takes place in around month of January, kite festival, in which people play with colourful kites and plan competitions, it is a 3-day affair at the time of a festival namely Makar Sankranti. Urs festival in Ajmer which relates to the Islamic culture in Rajasthan and on wider terms India. One the most loved festivals or fairs is organised which is the DESERT FESTIVAL in Jaisalmer by the sand dunes the people perform the folk dances and play music with delicious Rajasthani cuisine served. Some other internationally famous festivals and fairs are Pushkar fair, summer and winter festivals in Mt. Abu, Mewar festival are just a few to mention. These fairs and festivals attracts the tourists to flock around a spend a day or two photographing and rejuvenating yourselves with the colours and cultures of the state been celebrated.

India itself is known for its spicy and vibrantly tummy tickling food. To top the case, we are talking about Rajasthani cuisine which by far is one of the most loved in India. The blend of spices in the platter with chilly, sweet, sour, and whatever else you could imagine. The food is so- so tasty; you won’t be able to stop yourself from overeating, it melts in mouth and satisfies our senses. The balance between how tasty the non-vegetarian food and vegetarian food is, could make anyone fall in love with the creators of the dish. Famous non vegetarian dishes are mostly derived from medieval period of the Rajput’s as they were dear lovers of non- veg food. they enjoyed eating Red Meat, Meat of The Rabbit, Chicken, Fishes etc. Famous vegetarian dishes could namely be: Kadhi, Daal Baati Churma, Dal Bhanjari, Besan Purla, Shahi gate and many- many more. They are sheer lovers of sweet dishes some of their favourite are: jalebi, Balushahi, Churma, Fenni, Gujia, Alwar Ka Mawa (Milk Cake) are only few their favourites. The cuisine is ultimate and highly royal. Don’t let your taste buds miss a chance to not be pleasured eternally.

In any state lakes are the major source of water as well as beautification of a place. Rajasthan has a number of lakes which are beautiful and helpful for water purposes at the same time. Jaisamand lake is the second largest artificial lake in India, sambhar Salt Lake is even saltier than the sea water and is the largest island Salt Lake in india.it is one of the only lakes which got its mention in the holy book of Mahabharata. Another astonishing lake in the royal Rajasthan is the Mansagar Lake on which the Jal Mahal (fort in water) is situated and standing tall. Godsisar is the only source of water in Jaisalmer as it is a deserted land with sand dunes. Another lake which is a tourist site is the lake of Pushkar, which is a holy pilgrimage site whose water is considered pious and on its bank itself is the only temple of Lord Brahma situated with Holy Bathing Ghats as many as 53. Nakki lake is the lake of love as all the couples flock around and romance by its side in the only hill station in Rajasthan that is Mt. Abu. There are more lakes to mention which are: lake Pichola, Fatheh Sagar Lake, Ramgarh Lake, Ana Sagar Lake which are flowing and increasing the beauty of the cities. Come and boat in the lakes and click pretty pictures for your memories.

The world is running on the rules of the almighty, every country has a set of religions followed by them India being the bank of variety in religions has a number of temples and dargahs and churches. Rajasthan as the biggest state in India comprises of them all. The most famous and most believed on are The brahma temple in Pushkar which is considered as the only temple of the lord in the whole big wide world, it is situated on the banks on lake Pushkar. Another temple famous in the Jain community (believers of Lord Mahavir) is the Jain Temple in Ranakpur. Govind Devi temple of Jaipur is also of great believes in the Hindus. Karni Mata temple in the town of Deshnok has the same value as well. One of the most prised possessions in the Islamic pilgrimages in India is the Dargah Sharif in Ajmer also known as Ajmer Sharif. Come and plan our holy tour to Rajasthan and earn blessings in the lap of god and goddesses.

One does not think of adventure when he/ she comes to visit the land of colour and culture, Rajasthan. Though the state has still to offer a few of its peripheries like one can go for the hot air balloon rides in the town of Jaipur and Jodhpur and can allure the beauty of the pink or the blue city respectively while soaring high in the air. Paragliding and zip line are a new found outs in the forts of Jaipur and other places but are a pretty good pass time for some joy. Water sports like boating and water paragliding are some of new additions and are going pretty well. If one considers horror as a part of adventure the fort of Bhangarh is considered as one of the most haunted places in India and also has a ASI (archaeological survey of India) board attached to it saying staying there is not allowed because of unusual activities. One can make a day trip to the fort for some tickling and horrifying adventure.

Who doesn’t like shopping different things from different places. Rarely anyone. You would surely shop till you actually drop in the markets of Rajasthan starting with the capital city, Jaipur which is one of the best place to lay your hands on anything traditional. The popular market of Jaipur is Johari bazar, JOHARI which means jewellery, you can find the best and trendiest boho and traditional jewellery in this market, Bapu bazar Jaipur also has a lot to offer in terms of juttis (leather designer ballerinas). The blue city has also in stored a lot in its bag, the market of Nai Sarah in Jodhpur is a one stop destination for the perfect “bandhani work” stoles, suits, tops of the same pattern. buy them for you and your beautiful friends and sisters to slay and update your wardrobe. In Udaipur, Hathi Pol Bazar is a market for wonderful paintings of Rajasthani look and creativity. Udaipur also has a market named Bada Bazar which can offer anything you want to buy of rajasthani style, from jutties to bandhani stuff, painting, boho jewellery, glass designed cups and mugs, royal chandlers and almost everything. When shopping in Jaisalmer, you are one of the luckiest to enter in the lanes of Sadar Bazar which is a wholesale market providing almost anything Rajasthani, big a bring shopping bag to pack up all the colourful and beautiful stuff from the markets of the state. The material and things are absolutely amazing and is mostly created by the local people to make it more appealing and beautiful looking. Shop your heart out in the markets of the cities.

Luxury, royalty, aristocracy has always been India’s prime priorities, as it has seen the most numbers of rulers and was once a “golden bird” as known in the world. Our richness was beyond levels. Though we don’t enjoy the rule of the tag but our hearts and souls are still as royal and aristocrat as before. One such example are our luxurious and heavenly trains travel through the towns of Rajasthan and even other parts of the country. There are three such trains running on the tracks of Rajasthan, they are: ROYAL RAJASTHAN ON WHEELS, this is a train having all the wanted and even un wanted luxury from beautiful carpets to stupendous dining area, beds to sleep on with soft as fur blankets, royal and delicious food could just not be left at all. It passes through the towns of Rajasthan and makes the journey pleasurable and very relaxing. The 2 nd being THE PALACE ON WHEELS, In India this is considered as one of the best and the most royal train running on the tracks and covering the entire Rajasthan and some more towns of Northern India, the Persian carpets, 3 course meals, expensive champagnes and wines, luxurious stay, beautiful sitting and relaxing points, outside view. The beauty is beyond words. The 3 rd one is THE MAHARAJA EXPRESS, as the name itself suggests “maharaja” means the great ruler. It is as royal and classy as the king himself. The beautiful and superb flooring, food, hospitality everything is just on point. This train not just covers the Rajasthan but also covers some of the northern and western part of the nation and is delivering its services all over. Plan a trip with us in one of these and make your trip to Rajasthan even more Royal and lavish.

This is exactly for what the cultural state of Rajasthan is known, its big huge forts and palaces of the kings of Rajputana dynasty. The state has the most number of forts and palaces passing the score of approximately thirty and nowhere less, the diversity in the forts and palaces and who is more royal than who can be a question which would never get solved. The forts and palaces are so diverse in nature, some are in the water some by the side of a lake, some look like a round tomb design some are as high as hill. From the well of forts and palaces here are some of the names of the palaces and forts one must visit while in Rajasthan: amber fort, Nahargarh Fort, Jal Mahal (Palace in Lake), Hawa Mahal (Palace where there are 100 s of windows through which the air passes and creates pressure), the stunning Deeg Palace and Lohagarh Fort Both in Bharatpur. Then comes the city palace, Ranthambore Fort in Sawai Madhepur, Junagarh Fort in Bikaner, the beauteous Jaisalmer fort or sonar Quilla in Jaisalmer, Chittaur Fort in Chittaurgarh. When you will travel the state, you would be spellbound how rich and royal our rulers were, how beautiful their palace was. There is no other country in the world which could provide such versatility in one state itself come and spend some days in the royal Rajasthan.

Rajasthan has the biggest, deserted structure in India known as the Thar desert. Cities like Jaisalmer and Khimsar. one can visit the sand dunes of Rajasthan and, the tour would be considered incomplete without it. Drive through the dunes in a jeep and sit there in the evenings to enjoy the setting sun and the perfect landscape with roaming Camels. Jaisalmer where most of the tourists take halt for the tour to the Sand dunes is called as the “GOLDEN CITY OF RAJASTHAN”. As its landscape is decorated with the dunes of sand and its vibrancy is as shinny as of pure gold. Tourists love the Sand dunes and they enjoy the trip to the fullest. These places are basically considered as a romantic hideout for the newlyweds or the young couples. One must feel the love in the air and the atmosphere makes it more illuminating. You must also try camping in the sand dunes in Jaisalmer which would include the folk dances, music, camping, bonfire, tasty dinner and what not. The rippling sand dunes is one of the tremendously beautiful view in “THE GREAT INDIAN DESERTS”.

The story of music and dance in Rajasthan is an affair from the past. As the land of kings and queen, they were great patrons of dance and music. The rulers in their free time loved to listen to the music and enjoy dances of the people from their reign. The folk dance of the state is a colourful panorama of clothes and decoration, the ladies and gents all decorated mostly dance on songs which relate to the hardships the villagers around the sand dunes have to face (mostly in olden times). The dance form is extremely graceful and vibrant in nature. The dance form “ghoomar” is of international fame now, learned and performed throughout. Now talking about the music and singing, the most solid and bold voices with instruments like a pot of sand, and small steel like equipment in both hands, creates an atmosphere which would become unforgettable if once heard. The music is mostly vibrant and loud, which exactly goes with a background of forts and sand dunes. When you visit Rajasthan, you can see and get mesmerised by the folk music and dance in the CHOKI DHANI VILLAGE, PERFORMANCES IN THE SAND DUNE CAMPS. Visit Rajasthan and feel the folk culture in its music and dance form to make the trip more memorable and experiencing.

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Rajasthan Travel Info

Forts, palaces, temples, lakes, adventures, markets, sand dunes, fairs, hills, music, dances. There is nothing on this planet which is not available on this land, without a doubt it could be called a classic holiday destination for one and all. The variegated history of the land of the kings is known for their power and bravery has given us stories of many legendary heroes like Maharana Pratap, Prithviraj Chauhan, Raja Jai Singh (on whose name the pink city Jaipur is named) to name a few. Now the question arises that why should a person come here and start with his/her Rajasthan tour? Top Indian Tours is at your rescue. We will tell you why is this land an ideal holiday destination. If you are dicey about whether to visit Rajasthan or not, Don’t be. It will be one of the lovelies experiences you have seen and felt with your senses. The heterogeneousness of the land would woe you and make you fall in love with its beauteous forts and lakes. Its colour and gorgeousness. Its food and music.

The best time to visit the land as beautiful and charming as this, could not be decided. It is beautiful and ultimately eye- pleasing in all seasons and weathers. But the most ideal and suitable time to visit the place would be October to April, in these months of the year the city is moderate and slightly cold in its weather reports, which could preferably be the prime time to devote in the mighty state of RAJASTHAN, but this should not chain your legs for the rest of the months, if you are fine with a few degrees hike in the temperature, come and enjoy in lap of the state and have a memorable and amazing tour with some cool photographs to boast in front of your kit and kin’s that you visited the most classy and royal state of Rajasthan. And as they say “Don’t Be A Tourist Be A Traveller” so nothing could stop you from enjoying in your Dream land and pack up for a fun packed and historic journey. In Rajasthan you could find anything and everything you have ever heard or read about an Indian city, form the lavish forts and palaces to spiced up and varied food items, from cows roaming on roads to the famous tigers of the Indian bread in hugely built and secured wildlife national parks and sanctuaries. one could just adore and love what Rajasthan has to offer and present us. Now when you have felt the tickle and urge to see the graceful and energetically classy Rajasthan we should discuss that how one can reach the state and start on the plan of the most liked tourist destination of India. A person can board a flight from his/ her country and can reach a number of international airports of India, as it pleases them. The international Airports of India where you could mostly land are: Indira Gandhi International Airport (Delhi) Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh) Kempegowada International Airport (Bengaluru, Karnataka) Cochin International Airport (Cochin) Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport(Mumbai) Jaipur International Airport (Jaipur, Rajasthan) Chennai International Airport (Chennai) Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport (Kolkata) These could be the landing destinations, from where we could give you a domestic flight or train or drive to the preferred city in Rajasthan from where you could start on the tour plan designed especially for you. IMPORTANT: it would be preferably good if you land at international airports of Delhi, Mumbai, Cochin, Kolkata for the trip to be less tiring and hassle free. The Indian transportation services would make you feel at home while you are enjoying the whole of the trip. The Rajasthan tour planned by our agents would make your journey to India memorable and full of enjoyment with all you had ever thought of. Try the tour itineraries of ‘Top Indian Tours’ to make your trip more lavish and relaxingly laid back.

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