“Pack Your Bags” – Travel Tips For Your Trip To India

travel tips for trip to india 3

travel tips for trip to india 3

All set for your trip to this amazing land named India but hassled about what you should be aware of and what are the do’s and don’ts while travelling the nation. Here is a detailed description so pack your bags and know the travel tips for your trip to India.

2 travel tips for trip to india
There is nothing to worry about on this trip as India is a land of men and women who treat their guests as family and you are sure to not find any problems if you keep a few tips and tricks handy.

Not just for India but when you are travelling to any new country you should take care of some facts and figures and then take a step forward accordingly.

Let us know the travel tips for your trip to India  –


travel tips for trip to india

India as a whole is a huge country and one month can be hot for a city and cool for another. So, whenever you are travelling to India and you have chosen the right places for yourself, pack according to the weather reports.

travel tips for trip to india2
If it says the temperatures are to be rising in a particular area then pack easy – breezy clothes and if the reports indicate snowfall or low temperatures, get your jackets and pullovers dry – cleaned.



food travel tips for trip to india

Indians are peopling that love food from the roadside, and in Addition, this place has a varied and distinguished cuisine in all the states hence, one must take care of the spices and the tangy flavors used by the chefs of the country.

food travel tips for trip to india2
Your health should be the utmost priority so if you are not habitual of tangy and spicy food then take your taste buds to another phase and try dishes that have fewer spices and are healthy for a long journey. Do not drink tap water and always carry packed mineral water with you.

DRESS TO EXPRESS – Travel Tips For Trip To India

dress travel tips for trip to india
The land of traditions and culture is what India as a nation is famous worldwide. When in India do as the Indians do. To get mixed with the local public is one of the best ways to plan a trip so as no one can take undue advantage of you.

dress travel tips for trip to india2

India has its traditional values to wear covered clothes when in small towns and religious spots, wear scarfs on the head when in a mosque, temple or Gurudwara and go barefooted in holy premises. Follow them and dress in the colors of Indians.


BUDGETING  AWARENESS – Travel Tips For Trip To India

budgeting travel tips for trip to india
Not just in India, but this tip is handy for you when even you plan an international trip. Make a budget of everything from hotels, travelling, eating, shopping and miscellaneous so that you do not spend extra money on anything and save your hard earned penny.

For Example – If you are carrying Rs. 100 to India. Keep 20 for travelling, 10 for fooding, 23 for shopping, 20 miscellaneous etc. this will help you know your exact expense and you can move according to your budget then.NOTE – This is just an example to make the reader understand and it has nothing to do with proper budgeting.


MAKE GOOD CHOICES – Travel Tips For Trip To India

hotels travel tips for trip to india
When in a country as wide and vast as India, sit calmly in front of your laptops, mobiles and tablets and read about the country and its places and make the best choice of the locations you want to visit.

Be very clear and then plan accordingly as each corner of India has a beauty or another and it completely depends on your choices that what you like or you don’t.

travel tips for trip to india

Some of the Famous Indian tours are:

Honeymoon Tour : Kerala, Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh

Golden Triangle Tour : The three prime cities of India that are Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur.

Adventure Tours : Rishikesh, Kashmir, Shimla

Pilgrimage Tour : Varanasi, Haridwar, Mahabalipuram, Rameshwaram, Madurai, Allahabad, Kushinagar etc.

Cultural Tour : Rajasthan, Gujarat.

Wildlife Tour : Kaziranga, Kanha, Wayanad, Ranthambore, Sariska etc.


photography travel tips for trip to india

Before you feel guilty of not bringing a good quality camera to the country so vibrant and colorful in its culture, traditions and natural beauty let me make it very clear that you turn right or left, In India, you will only find locations that you would love to capture for future memories.

photography travel tips for trip to india2

When we are travelling we don’t realize that we are making certain memories that we will never forget and hence, for proves we click pictures and these help us go down to the memory lane after a few years when we turn back the pages of our albums.Therefore, a good camera is equal to a memorable trip.


DON’T TRUST WORDS TRUST ACTIONS – Travel Tips For Your Trip To India

guide travel tips for trip to india2

God is an ultimate creator and has made faces and bodies of each of his child different and unique that we could be identified easily and a person can easily judge that you are not a civilian of his country.

Hence, this could lead you to cheats and frauds. You should always keep calm and know the person’s intention behind helping you for anything and then step into a conclusion of trusting him or her.

Do not trust to what they say unless they show some proves or they have really won your trust. Be safe while you travel and do not place your trust on one and all.


A SMALL BACK PACK TO YOUR RESCUE – Travel Tips For Your Trip To India

backpack travel tips for trip to india
Always try to carry a small backpack on your trip to India so that you can carry your daily stuff while you are sightseeing the locations in your tour package.

backpack travel tips for trip to india2
This small bag can be a hand bag, side bag or a small backpack so as to accommodate stuff like torch, small umbrella, first – aid, daily medicines, caps, sunglasses, lotions, hankie, wet wipes, packed food, mineral water etc.

These are few things you would need while you are out for whole day enjoying various places in your Itinerary.


medicine travel tips for trip to india

Not just in our nation, India but wherever you are travelling always take care of a fact that you should carry yourself care stuff with yourself.

The daily items that you need and you are been using since a long time are not necessarily available in the local markets of another country.

Hence, it is always better to carry your own things with oneself. Stuff like sanitary napkins, soaps, lotions, shaving foams, deodorants, daily medicines are sure to be carried when on a long vacation in another country.



documents travel tips for trip to india
While you are travelling to another country one should by means forget their documents anywhere even by slightest of mistake. Documents on a trip are like ornaments and have to be kept like price possessions.

documents travel tips for trip to india2
Keep them safe and do carry them all the places you go as it is a proof of your identity when in a different nation. Visas, Passports and any such stuff should be kept with utmost care and responsibility.


India is a country of lovely people and the hospitality you will be witnessing would make you go bonkers and you would love to visit our country again and again. Keep these tricks and tips as a check list and get your tickets done to fly to the land of spiritual bliss and perfect landscapes.


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